St. Patrick’s Day, Green Beer, and the Fairies

We’re all Irish for one day.

Many of us share in rituals that show our love and support for the Celtic community, such as drinking green beer, attending the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, or even dying our hair green.  The same zest for life, stewardship of nature, and boundless joy that we celebrate on March 17th also comes through in the Irish belief in the fairies. No, I’m not talking about fabulous, flamboyant men in sparkly shirts– I mean the tiny little people with wings who according to Celtic folk belief take care of the environment, our animals, and our homes.

Also known as the “Little Folk” or the “Good People,” the fairies offer an inspiring antidote to this era of electronic isolation and cubicle living.  The great Irish poet, W.B. Yeats captured the joyful nature of the fairy folk in his words:

“Come fairies Take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you
Upon the wind and dance
Upon the mountains like a flame.”

We as busy, worried adults can take a lesson from the kids who recognize the value and wonder of the fairies. Through a connection to the beauty and joy around us, we feel better, and we get in touch with our childlike hope for the future. The concept of the fairies is a powerful reminder that worry does not help to improve any situation, and through excitement for life and nature, we can tap into a powerful vision of healing and abundance in our lives.  The positive energy we experience in drawing inspiration from the fairies helps us to bring about happy changes in our life. Happiness, play, and wonder are not only good for children– they are important for adults, too.

Their ecological mission to care for the planet is a powerful part of their message: in order to keep enjoying the beauty of the environment, we have to do our part to protect and preserve the world we live in. It is an investment in the future and in our current comfort and happiness. Besides, the grass feels good on your feet.


My friend Barbara dressed up as a fairy princess.

My friend Barbara dressed as a fairy princess.


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