Waiting for the Magic of Spring

Soon enough the last bits of winter will fade, and nature will offer the enchantment of spring beauty.  I wanted to share the following poem by a pretty unknown turn-of-the-century Russian poet that really captures that sense of magic.

Konstantin Balmont “Spirit of the Winds”

Дух ветров, Зефир игривый         The Spirit of the Winds, a playful Zephyr
Прошумел среди листов,             whispered among the leaves,
Прикоснулся шаловливый           Playfully caressed the
К нежным чашечкам цветов.       Tender bells of the flowers.

И шепнул неуловимый,                And he elusively whispered,
И волною шевельнул,                  Stirring a surge upon
К арфе звучной и незримой         The sweet, unseen harp,
Дланью быстрою прильнул.        With a nimble hand.

И с беспечностью ребёнка,         And with the ease of a child,
Не заботясь ни о чём,                   Without a single concern,
Он играл легко и звонко               He played lightly and audibly
В ясном воздухе ночном.             In the clear evening air.

И влюблённые наяды                  His beloved Nymphs
Показались из волны,                  Revealed themselves on the waves
И к нему кидали взгляды            and threw longing glances at him
В свете гаснущей Луны.              In the light of the fading moon.

Нимфа с нимфою шепталась,    The nymphs whispered to each other
О блаженстве говоря.                  Speaking of blessed enchantments,
А за Морем пробуждалась          As the Rosy-hued dawn
Розоперстая заря.                        Stepped out above the Sea.

Translation by Zhenya Amditis

Aurora is the feminine embodiment of the dawn, and Zephyr is her lover, the summer wind.

Aurora is the feminine embodiment of the dawn, and Zephyr is her lover, the summer wind.

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