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Zhenya has this wonderful way of sifting through the sands of my life, past, present, and future. She makes sense of what seem to be unrelated moments through time and offers me a clear lens for understanding myself. Oddly enough, she found me: she saw the question in my mind before I did. One evening last year, she saw me at a small party among friends. I was laughing and talking, but she saw right through my outer shell and contacted me later, gently bringing me the messages—the assurances—I needed. Her clarity and intelligence made her delivery of the messages direct and full of compassion. I also love how she is a constant student of the universe; the messages I receive from her are delivered with thoughtfulness and context. Zhenya is constantly seeking the truth and her ability to share her knowledge with me has been invaluable. I am so very, very grateful for her “intervention,” and I now rely on her to continue to expand my own understanding of my life and the universe.

— Heather E.


If you are at all put off by the unevidenced metaphysical services, as I am, then my recommendation is a testament to Zhenya’s value.  Zhenya reads tarot cards for me regularly and has done so over the last three years. She has a complete understanding of how the tarot cards express stories which relate back to your life. In questions about journeys, choices, and relationships she sensitively expresses the dynamic that is represented in the archetypes of the cards. She draws forth questions which allow for insights and answers which you can determine for yourself. Her capacity as a storyteller and tarot reader are exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend Zhenya in all her services.

— Lisa R.


Zhenya was a terrific Tarot reader. It was my first reading and I was astonished at how much light it shed on my personality and relationships past and present. Different cards revealed various facets of my character in impressive depth and detail. She was also very insightful regarding the relationship among different cards which became clear during my second reading. I can heartily recommend her to anyone seeking greater illumination about who they are and what direction the road ahead may be going.

— Ralph P.



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