Red Zhenya

I am a psychic spiritual consultant, spirit medium, fairy & angelic realm guide, past-life consultant, scholar of the occult, and professional author.

I have been communicating with the spirit realm since the tender age of three. Today, not only do I possess academic expertise in the occult arts (with a Ph.D. to prove it!), but I also have approximately 30 years of experience helping people to answer life’s concerns through the tarot and spirit mediumship.  As a preliminary means of accessing “higher wisdom,” I use the tarot to answer questions about health, loved ones, relationships, business matters, or anything about which the client would like to inquire. However, spirit friends, such as spirit guides, departed family members, fairies, or angels sometimes reveal themselves during a reading.  It’s always interesting to see who shows up!  Readings are available in English, French, or Russian.

I hold a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures focusing on literature and culture of the Victorian era, particularly Russia’s intellectual ties with Western Europe.  The fascinating connection between women, folklore, and the occult has been a favorite research topic of mine for many years.  In addition to experience teaching Russian folklore and culture at the college level, I have published research on the religious renaissance of turn-of-the-century Russia, including the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism in the Russian Empire.  I currently serve on the faculty of Westchester Community College, where in the late spring, I will be offering a Collegium course on the occult in Victorian culture, followed in the summer by workshops on angels, fairies, and the tarot in the Department of Continuing Education. I have also signed on to present several free workshops at public libraries in the northern Westchester region.  Please check back for specific times, dates, and locations as they become available.  Those who are interested can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

If you would like to know more details about my background, feel free to read the first entry of my blog.