Queen of Night, Queen Mab of the Fae

The Fairies have inspired many stories and pieces of art.  Sometimes, the words and images seem to write and compose themselves.  This is one such poem, written by myself, accompanied by a lovely portrait from the talented Angelica Jonni, the creative mind behind Whimsickal Creations.  You can find her work at: Angelica Jonni Creations.

“Rest for the Weary”

Queen of Night unfolds her wings

of raven sparkling with dew.

Night searches for those who toil.

She’s been looking for you.

You have earned the respite.

You have finished the score.

You’ve endured the labor.

Right now, there is no more.

The seed will ripen,

the ripe bud will burst.

All in perfect time,

but rest must come first.

Let spirit drift the moats

of silken velvet night.

Surrender. Take rest for

labor’s relentless light.

Let the Queen take her due.

Let morning glory fall

in favor of vining

moon flowers’ graceful pall.

Sink into your pillow.

Surrender your glance

to the fairy-like orbs

of the moths’ floating dance.

Sail your mattress into

the world of Night’s deep ink.

The Moon waves as you pass,

gives you a saucy wink.

She’s in a hurry—
on her way to a tryst,
cannot do a thing with
her hair of silver mist.

Let the stars’ serenade

now soothe your weary ears.

Release to each of them

all your worldly fears.

For in her dark realm the

Queen always has her way.

We all get peace from Night

and strength for dawning Day.

Original Art by Angelica Jonni at Whimsickal Creations

Original Art by Angelica Jonni at Whimsickal Creations