New Tarot card spread: Rising Star spread

I visited the lovely town of Cumberland, Maryland this weekend, where I participated in the Blue Star Expo.  I met a lot of nice and inspiring people and had a great time.  In honor of the expo, I designed a new tarot spread to help clients who are trying to understand their life purpose.  Here is the overview of the spread:

Designed by Zhenya Amditis

Rising Star Spread designed by Zhenya Amditis

I did a test reading of the spread for myself and came up with the following cards:

  1. Queen of Pentacles
  2. Nine of swords
  3. Five of cups
  4. Two of wands
  5. Judgement
  6. Three of swords

1. For my career choice, the foundation was my time as a college professor, learning how the world works and how to be pleasant and collegial toward everyone and how to mentor students.

2. The inspiration for me to take the career path of becoming an intuitive spiritual advisor was the pain and suffering I experienced in my own life and my frustration at not being able to find the right place in the academy.

3. In taking this path, I faced the challenges of not quite being able to find the right job to use all of my talents. I was partially happy with my responsibilities, but also disappointed in my duties.

4. The training I needed to transition into this career was how to learn to inspire and motivate people on their own path, how to counsel people one-on-one.

5. The polishing I needed to be able to really be successful as an advisor was in developing my judgement of how to approach different clients and learning how to sympathize with people so they would feel comfortable talking with me without fear of being judged. The judgement card also usually is a warning to stop judging yourself, and I needed to work on not being so hard on myself so that I could understand that I have a valuable service to offer others.

6. This card usually has a negative sense for many readers, but the way I read it is about getting the message out and communicating with lots of people.  My role is to help people see a new way of looking at themselves and their relationship with Spirit and to get people talking about these ideas.

Here is a picture of the actual cards:


If you would like to schedule a rising star reading for yourself, please contact me at  I also value suggestions/comments on the spread.