Intro to my new book, Hey! Where’s My Soulmate?!

Hot off the Press!

As a professional psychic and minister, I have been privileged to meet so many fascinating and beautiful people.  Oftentimes, they are in a state of torment, struggling to make their lives better, on the brink of the next best thing, the newest chapter. They seek information about any subject you can imagine, but by far, the question I am asked most often is “When am I going to meet someone special?” They are fed up with the “Learn to love yourself first, only then can someone else love you” BS.  They’ve self-helped and yoga-ed and affirmed and internet dated until they are blue in the face, and they still spend every Sunday morning reading the paper alone and every Sunday evening wrestling with the cat for the covers.  For many of them, their ideal wedding dress style has come and gone three times, their biological clock is ticking, and Dammit!, they are not getting any younger.

Many of these clients shop psychics, making the rounds of my colleagues and me, hoping that one of us, any of us, will have the magical, mystical piece that will solve the puzzle of their loneliness, only to hear vague responses about some not-too-distant, but still too distant future and platitudes about keeping a positive, open mind.  (Honestly, I don’t know how it is that more psychics don’t get punched in the face. Thank God for Skype!) I’ve been that person, and God bless the colleagues who tried to help me, who patiently counseled my loneliness-induced, impatient insanity.  What lovelorn clients don’t get, and what I didn’t get, was that we were barking up the wrong tree, asking the wrong questions, and missing the answers right in front of us.  The whole process is both more complex and more straightforward than I could possibly have imagined.

To be blunt, you cannot force the Universe to spit out your soulmate.  As the old saying goes, “Your arm’s too short to box with God.” But you can change your view and set the stage for spirit to honor your request.  In short, I learned the hard way that every relationship has something to teach you, and until you cut the defensive crap and see your own role in failures of past relationships (and some of those may have been in past lives), you will never really learn what you need to in order to get past your immediate lesson and graduate to the kind of amazingly honest, intimate, earth-shaking love you crave.  In other words, if you don’t take a hard look at yourself and face your own shit, you’ll never be ready for what you say you want.  And the Universe will keep presenting you with the same lesson over and over again until you master it.  (Reflect on past relationships with Ms. or Mr. Workoholic #1, #2, and #3, and your hot date with potentially Workoholic #4 for dinner on Friday, for example.) You can’t go on until you break out of the pattern and change your behavior. Spirit could drop Mr. or Ms. Right into your lap right now, and it wouldn’t work out unless you had already “prepared the way” for the relationship.  (I learned that one the hard way, too.)

In the state of NY, we psychics are legally bound to remind prospective clients that our services are not meant to be taken as medical, legal, financial, or business advice and are strictly for entertainment purposes.  I usually tell my clients that readings are for “self-reflection purposes.” May God grant that this book may be entertaining and foster self-reflection.

This book is dedicated to all those lovely, lovable, and loving, talented, successful, nice people I wish I could take home and find the perfect mate for.  You do deserve it, and you are great.  Not finding your partner is not a matter of you not being good enough, sexy enough, or anything “enough.” It is about facing your flaws, learning your lessons, stepping out of old patterns, and being ready for what you say you want. I can’t guarantee that this book will magically change your lives, but maybe it will inspire a few laughs and help you find a new perspective as I try to answer the question, “Hey! Where’s my soulmate?!”